MacDuffie’s curriculum spans seven academic departments: 艺术, 英语, Physical and Health Education, 历史, 数学, 科学, and 世界语言. An l形的程序 is available to assist non-native speakers with 英语 proficiency.

In order to receive a MacDuffie diploma, 学生在高中入学时必须累积以下十五(15)个核心学分:

• 英语 4 credits (excluding electives)
• 数学 3 credits (Algebra 1 or higher)
• World Language 2 credits (taken in the same language for consecutive years)
• 科学 2 credits (two lab sciences)
• 历史 2 credits (excluding electives; including U.S. 历史)
• Art 2 credits (either visual or performing arts)

We encourage students to go beyond the minimum requirements for graduation – indeed, nearly all students do. 这样的探索帮助我们的学生扩展他们需要逻辑和创造性地分析问题的技能, to develop appropriate problem-solving strategies, and to apply those strategies confidently and effectively—whether in academics, 艺术, 或体育运动. 学院的综合和跨学科的学习方法帮助学生理解学科之间的广泛联系, at the same time they are learning discrete information in each academic discipline.


The MacDuffie 艺术 Department offers courses in dance, 音乐, 剧院, and visual arts, each with the aim of facilitating self-expression, building confidence, and enhancing the student’s life. We offer courses in dance, 音乐, 剧院, and visual arts.

The 中学 艺术 Program reinforces the integrated 中学 课程. 学生s not only use the skills developed in the other classes, but they also learn to appreciate the relationships between visual and performing arts.

高年级学生要求至少修两年(2学分)的艺术课程才能毕业. The art credit (s) may be in visual or performing arts or a combination of the two.

Please visit the 艺术 section of the website 对于我们的理念和课程设置的深入描述,以及链接到我们的表演艺术照片画廊.


英语课程包括对所有文学流派的欣赏,以及对文学设备的工作知识和欣赏, 词汇表, 和语法.

Works that have influenced the Western literary tradition are prominent; the program also offers consistent examination of ethnic, 种族, 性别, and cultural diversity in both Western and non-Western texts.

所有年级的共同之处是一种特殊的方法来研究文学,在书面和口头讨论中培养仔细的分析和有艺术依据的解释.  Skills that focus on critical and creative thinking, study and test-taking, the successful communication of ideas, the efficient use of literary resources, 有效的公开演讲既能使学生在文学和语言学习上取得成功,也能促进终身学习.

In order to earn the MacDuffie diploma, students must successfully complete the study of 英语 in each of their Upper School years.


The 历史 curriculum is designed to help students to reach three goals.

First, students become familiar with history as a discipline. 学生学习通过使用各种来源来支持他们自己的历史概括, from print to electronic and from photographs to interviews.

Second, students are encouraged to develop an appreciation for the variety of human experience. 他们的研究使他们了解到,当代世界的复杂性源于不同的文化和历史视角.

第三, 学生们被教导要对美国在全球历史上的地位有一个平衡和开明的理解.


The study of languages promotes communication with people of other cultures, fuller participation in the global community, and 准备 to play an active role in a global economy.

Through its course offerings, the 世界语言 Department seeks to develop in students a degree of proficiency in listening, 说话, 阅读, and writing skills in French, 和西班牙语.  Latin instruction focuses on 阅读, 翻译, 词汇表 building, and the principles of linguistic structure.  The culture of the language is presented as an integral part of language instruction as well.

In an 努力 to address different learning styles, 本系推行适合学生不同发展阶段的多感官教学方法. 螺旋的原则被应用到课程的各个方面:一个阶段的知识和技能以越来越复杂的方式循环. 通过持续的反馈和实践的机会,学生可以帮助他们取得进步.  学习和组织能力的系统结合培养了一种日常习惯,这对语言学习的累积效果是不可或缺的.




课程提供的经验,旨在帮助学生沿着连续体从具体到抽象的数学表示. These experiences include continued development of arithmetic, 代数, 几何, 随着先进的概念,进一步的目标是培养学生的数学“语言”, thus preparing them for future work in math and science.

MacDuffie’s mathematics curriculum treats problem-solving as an ongoing process, 旨在帮助学生弥合数学理论与其在现实世界中的应用之间的差距. 问题的呈现方式要求学生运用他们的知识和理解力来解决新情况. 历史参考文献的介绍旨在向学生展示数学是人类的努力,并引导他们对纯数学思维的力量有更大的欣赏.


International and other selected students entering MacDuffie are tested for math proficiency. Math placement is based on the test results and previous math achievement.

P.E. +健康

体育课程的理念是通过各种运动活动和游戏来发展积极的自我概念.  另外, the importance of cooperation, 努力, 准备, and knowledge are emphasized while developing physical skills.  Through a sound Physical Education program, 学生将能够制定策略,帮助他们认识到终身活动的重要性.

Physical Education is required of all students at MacDuffie.  在那个特定的季节,参加竞争性的十大菠菜软件团队运动符合这一要求.  学生s must pass Physical Education each year in order to graduate.



科学 is everywhere and in everything! 我们系的理念是帮助学生认识到科学学科之间的关系,并在日常生活中欣赏科学的相关性.

促进学生成为有效的思考者和问题解决者的过程指导我们的课程. Learning to ask questions, make observations, set up control experiments, 并记录和解释数据,所有这些都有助于帮助我们的学生使用科学工具为自己得出适当的结论. 通过课堂上频繁的小组活动,科学工作的合作性质得到了强有力的加强. 强调有效的书面和口头沟通技巧,以及研究技能和适当技术的使用.

While two years of laboratory sciences are required in the Upper School, it is recommended that students experience all three of the major disciplines – physics, 化学, 和生物学. 学生们被鼓励继续他们的科学学习经历,并通过选修该系众多的选修课来完成四年的科学教学.

For students interested in health science careers, we have an outstanding partnership opportunity with the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health 科学s (MCPHS) that guarantees admission to MCPHS for qualified students.